6 Tips to Keep Your Car From Overheating This Summer

July 6th, 2018 by

Summer means sunshine and beautifully hot weather, but that baking heat can make driving unpleasant–and even dangerous. Not only can the soaring temperatures cause problems like heatstroke, dehydration, and fatigue while you’re driving, they also prematurely age and damage your vehicle. With these tips, you and your car will be summer-ready.

Cover Your Seats and Dashboard

Even if all you have access to is a couple of beach towels, throwing these over areas such as the seats, the steering wheel, and the dashboard will make returning to your vehicle much more comfortable. It’ll also stop the intense sunlight from dulling the beautiful interior.

If you’re looking for something more effective, speak to our dealership about seat and dash cover options.

Get a Sunshade or Window Visor

Sunhades are one of the most effective ways to block out sunlight while the car’s not in use. Invest in a visor for both the front and back windows to keep the interior cool and comfortable–even if you’re only parked up for a few minutes.

Don’t have access to a visor?  Just park your car in a shaded spot for a quick fix.

Use Your Air Conditioning

While you’re driving, it’s important not only to open a window, but turn on your a/c. This helps to keep the interior well-ventilated, particularly if you have a full passenger load or pets. Our vehicles come equipped with comfortable and reliable air con systems and often include air re-circulation which cools your interior down faster–pop in and see us if you’re not sure how to use these features.

Crack Open a Window

Although you don’t want to leave your window down too low if the car’s unattended, opening your window a crack lets air circulate and stops hot air from building up inside the carriage. Even if your car’s parked for a few hours, this simple step avoids that stifling feeling you get when you open a hot car door.

Check Tire Pressure

Make sure your tires are properly inflated–this stops them from getting too hot on the road, which can be incredibly dangerous when the car’s in motion.

Invest in Modifications

Although it’s not possible for everyone, you should consider vehicle upgrades such as tinted windows and air-conditioned seats. These modifications make any journey more comfortable, particularly if you live somewhere with searingly-hot summers. The reps at Acura of Fayetteville are more than happy to talk you through what’s available.

Stay safe this summer with the right advice–visit Acura of Fayetteville today for more information or quotes on that perfect summer vehicle you’ve been eyeing off.

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