It was not that long ago that the idea of a self-driving car was pure science fiction. Few outside the science fiction community took the idea seriously and never imagined that the self-driving car would become a reality in the early part of the 21st century.
Now that the 21st century is well underway, automotive engineers, tech companies, and others have been working hard to bring a practical and affordable self-driving car to market. Acura has long been a leader in the world of self-driving cars and the iconic automaker has already introduced a number of test vehicles that can drive themselves and protect their occupants like never before.
Acura has introduced a new self-driving test car that is making professionals in the auto industry take notice. There are a number of notable differences between this new self-driving test car and the one that it replaces, starting with the absence of the huge spinning LIDAR sensor. That giant sensor helped to guide the previous Acura self-driving car, but it was not exactly attractive. The newest Acura self-driving test car waves goodbye to that sensor, replacing it with a host of state-of-the-art sensors that do an even better job of watching out for obstacles in the road.
The second generation Acura self-driving vehicle is a specially outfitted RLX development vehicle, with updated sensors and a sleeker and more attractive design. The large LIDAR system is gone, and the new compact light detectors and ranging pieces are discreetly hidden instead of strapped to the hood.
The newest self-driving car from Acura includes a number of other notable upgrades as well, starting with a new and better RADAR system for exceptional performance, a better GPS for easier navigation on all kinds of roads and high-performance CPUs and GPUs that use intelligent software algorithms. These complex software algorithms are designed to support more complex testing scenarios and help pave the way from the test track to the real world.
Acura has been testing its new second generation self-driving car at its exclusive GoMentum Station. This technology institution has been specially designed to put these self-driving cars through their paces. Real-world simulations are very important to the future of self-driving cars and autonomous driving technology and Acura tests its autonomous vehicles thoroughly.
The act of driving is incredibly complex, with thousands of split-second decisions to make and dire consequences for a single mistake. Teaching a computer to not only drive safely but operate a vehicle far better than a human is no easy task. But with its second generation self-driving car, Acura is up to the challenge. Pretty soon, the technologies Acura is developing at its GoMentum facility will be making their way to production vehicles and dealer showrooms and that will be good news for driver and passenger safety.

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