Winter weather and temperatures can be stressful on your vehicle. To combat the adverse effects of winter, we invite you to visit Acura of Fayetteville for a winter servicing today. We have the tools and experience to get your vehicle ready for winter in a quick and convenient manner. From oil changes and tire rotations to changing your brake pads, we can do it all for you today.

What is Winter Servicing?

Winter servicing can take on many different forms. Getting an oil change is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle in winter. Colder temperatures make your oil get thicker. This restricts it from being able to protect your engine from dirt and from lubricating the moving parts. If your motor oil can't do its job, your engine becomes less efficient and eventually will get damaged. If your motor oil is already dirty, it enhances this risk. That's why we always suggest getting your oil changed in the winter if your next suggested oil change is ahead. The same reasons go for the other fluids in your vehicle. Your coolant, especially, is important to change in the winter. Your coolant keeps your engine from freezing, so as temperatures drop, it's important that it's filled.

Schedule a Winter Service Appointment Online Today

There are many other areas of your vehicle to check and maintain in the winter. We invite you to schedule a service appointment online today and we'll inspect your vehicle in a quick, convenient manner.

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