Summer is a time for vacations and trips with family and friends. At Acura of Fayetteville, we want to ensure that your vehicle is prepared to take you on those trips. That's why we encourage you to visit us for a service appointment this spring. Our technicians are experts at all things Acura and pay close attention to the services most needed during the summer. Whether it's rotating your tires to enhance performance or flush the fluids, there's many different maintenances needed in the summer.

What's Common Auto Maintenance in the Summer?

  • Check Your Tires: Before you go on any trip, it's important to check your tires. You can check your tires at home for proper inflation and for damage. If you see that your front tires are looking worn, summer's a great time to get a tire rotation. Because your front tires steer the vehicle, they wear out faster than the front facing rear tires. When your front tires are worn down, you can rotate them with the back tires. This promotes equal tire wear and lets you enjoy better stopping, steering, and acceleration. It also expands the lifespan of your tires so you can drive further around Fayetteville with them.
  • Flush and Replace Fluids: Your vehicle has many different fluids that keep it performing at the highest level. When these fluids run low or get dirty, it affects your vehicle and can cause damage. That's why we suggest getting your fluids flushed at the beginning of the summer. Your vehicle's coolant takes heat away from the engine so that it doesn't overheat. Even your windshield washer fluid is important to ensure that you maintain clear visibility on your travels.

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