With winter quickly approaching, now's a great time to service your vehicle for the cold weather ahead. Your Acura vehicle is engineered to perform at the highest level in any conditions, but it needs seasonal maintenance. The cold winter weather causes stress to your vehicle, and makes us face unexpected elements. To ensure that your vehicle is prepared for winter, we invite you to visit for a fall service appointment. Fall is one of the best times of the year to get your vehicle serviced. It allows us to address any issues which could end up becoming problems before winter arrives. From changing your tires to replacing fluids and motor oil, we offer fast, professional fall servicing on all vehicles.

Oil Changes

Your motor oil is responsible for protecting your engine and keeping it clean from dirt and debris. It also lubricates the many moving parts for the utmost efficiency. Cold winter weather makes motor oil flow more slowly, and sometimes not at all. This will cause damage to your engine, and it's easy to avoid with an oil change. We'll put the proper type of clean motor oil in your vehicle so it flows properly for the utmost performance.

Battery Inspection

The cold weather will make it harder for your battery to lose its strength. To avoid a dead battery, have it inspected today.

Fluid Changes

There are many different fluids in your vehicle. It's important, especially in the winter, to ensure your vehicle fluids are clean and properly filled. Coolant is among the most important fluids to replace in the winter, as it keeps your engine the right temperature. We also will replace power steering fluid, brake fluid, and windshield wiper fluid, among others.

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