Radio's been around for a century. We all know how it works, right? Not always. Let's say you get in your Acura and the display on your radio says CODE. No, the radio stations in Bentonville haven't vanished. You're getting a message designed to protect your Acura. Here's how to enter an Acura Radio Code and get back on the road in no time.
What is the Acura Radio Code?
Your Acura radio is equipped with an anti-theft system. If someone steals your radio, they won't be able to use it without the code. However, if your battery dies or gets disconnected, it can reset the radio. You'll need your unique Acura radio code to make it operational. This code is kept as private as an ATM PIN number, so you should make sure to keep it in a secure location.

Acura Radio Code Retrieval
Don't remember your number? Here's how to get your Acura Radio Code:

  • There is an anti-theft identification card in your owner's manual. There are numbers listed in the lower right corner. The longer, bottom number is your Acura radio code.
  • If you don't have your manual, the radio code might be noted in your maintenance records, or on a sticker in the glove box, door jamb, or trunk.
  • If the Acura radio code isn't in any of these places, visit the Acura Radio Code retrieval website. You'll need to enter your car's VIN number and the radio's serial number, along with identity verification. The code will then be emailed to you.
How to Enter Acura Radio Code
Using your radio's station preset numbers, simply enter the code to unlock your audio system. Yes, it's really that simple!

Acura Security You Can Trust
Acura cares about keeping all of your car's parts and accessories safe. Along with the radio's anti-theft code, we include security features like engine immobilizers to prevent theft. Microprocessor power ignition keys for keyless entry with anti-theft alarms put security in your hands, while voice recognition software in the navigation system recognizes when you're not behind the wheel. On the off chance that your car is stolen, it's equipped with a tracking device to help law enforcement locate it.

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