Preserve Your Investment and Maintain Your Acura’s Value

July 7th, 2017 by

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The hope of every new Acura buyer is that their new investment will retain its value for as long as possible. The more your Acura is worth when you decide to purchase a newer model, the more money you will receive in trade-in value.

The largest mistake that car owners make is failing to stick to the regular maintenance schedule on their investment. Instead, owners will only bring their vehicle in when they notice a problem. Unfortunately, cars work on a system of interconnection. When one small problem occurs, it can quickly escalate into a much larger one.

Proper Care

Potential buyers want to know that the risk of escalating problems is minimal and that they are making a safe investment. An Acura that has been in for its regular servicing will avoid major issues when it is time to sell.

Drivers also underestimate the effect that mileage has on the sale price of their Acura. The more miles that a current owner has put on a car, the less value it has to subsequent users. Cars with excessively high mileage are worth less than those with a more reasonable amount.

Cleanliness is also a major factor in determining the worth of a car. How well an owner maintains the appearance of their car is a good indicator for how well they have maintained the mechanical components.

No Smoking

Smoking is among the biggest damages to car value. If you are a smoker, it is highly encouraged that you do not smoke while inside your Acura. The cost to remove the smell of smoke is large, the cost of fixing the damage caused by the smoke is even higher.

In addition to the cleanliness of your Acura, the way in which it is stored has a significant impact on its value. Constant exposure to the elements can weaken any vehicle, and not just in appearances.

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