The New And Exciting 2018 Acura RLX

February 16th, 2018 by

Acura RLX Side Profile

We are big fans of the Acura RLX here at Acura of Fayetteville, and the 2018 iteration looks to be one of the most exciting models to roll off the production line to date. Here’s why.


It is the levels of performance offered by the Acura RLX that make it such an attractive vehicle. The Acura team have spent a great deal of time perfecting the vehicle’s powertrain, crafting a supremely effective gasoline electric hybrid which manages to go easy on the fuel consumption without losing out on any power. This is thanks to torque vectoring innovations which have become the manufacturer’s specialty.

The powertrain features a V6, 3.5-liter engine which powers the front wheels, while electric motors are attached to the wheels at the rear. The combined power achievable from both is over 377 horsepower and 341 pounds per foot of torque. The rear motors also provide positive and negative torque to create sumptuous, and highly safe, handling. This is something which needs to be seen to be believed, so we urge you to book a test drive at Acura of Fayetteville as soon as you can.



As you might expect from such a technologically advanced machine, the 2018 Acura RLX is packed with the sort of features which elevate the experience of driving. These include safety features such as adaptive cruise control and lane keeping technology, as well as other handy features such as a cutting-edge navigation system.

The cabin is designed to cancel external noise, giving you a quiet ride, while the comfortable seats provide driver and passengers alike with a positive experience while driving.


The Acura RLX remains largely unchanged in terms of aesthetics when compared to earlier versions. The sleek lines and distinctive grille are all present and correct, which makes this a car for the RLX purists.

Inside, the interior aesthetics depend on the trim level selected, but the range of different materials and finishes provided by Acura are sure to suit all tastes. All in all, this is a very good looking car indeed.

Are you excited about the latest Acura RLX? Are you keen to try the vehicle on for size? There’s only one way to properly get to grips with what it can do, and that is to arrange a test drive.

The Acura of Fayetteville team will be happy to set that up for you. Give us a call today and begin your love affair with the new Acura RLX.

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