What Is the Benefit of More Gears?

January 24th, 2018 by

Woman driving a Car

What was once standard for a vehicle to have 3 speeds is now long gone as many of today’s vehicles come with six to even ten speeds. So what is the real advantage of today’s cars having so many speeds? Does it make your car faster? Does it get better mileage? Acura of Fayetteville is here to help you understand the benefits of more gears and why they keep increasing.

To start, the number of gears your car has, automatic or manual, directly can affect the acceleration times in your vehicle. A car with more speeds will have a quick first and second gear and therefore increase your acceleration performance. Continuing along with the trend of more speeds, the higher gears will get you better efficiency on the fuel tank side of things. Today’s technology is so advanced that the gear switching in both automatic and manual cars is almost unnoticeable which makes for a smoother and more enjoyable ride.

In addition to better acceleration times and more efficient engines, more gears give automakers the ability to produce smaller, more cost-efficient engines that can still produce exceptionally well in larger vehicles. What you may find as a surprise is the note that more gears actually improves your ability in bad weather as well as off-road situations. Your tires hug the surface and respond to your every command which gives you the confidence you need no matter the situation.

So come visit us today at Acura of Fayetteville where you will find plenty of new 2018 models waiting for a test drive. And don’t worry, all of our cars come with plenty of speeds for everyone to enjoy.

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