Why You Should Choose Synthetic Oil

April 11th, 2018 by

It’s been a long-standing debate over what oil is the best option for your car — synthetic or conventional. Though the two oils will both keep your car running, one is better quality, costs a little more, and is an overall better choice for your vehicle.

Which one, you may ask? Synthetic, hands down.

Why is Synthetic the Winner?

Synthetic oil is the best option for your car for a handful of reasons, and as experts at Acura of Fayetteville, we’ll tell you why.

Even though you may pay a little more than you would for a conventional oil change, check out the benefits you’ll see with synthetic oil:

 – It won’t break down as easily as conventional oil. Oils break down as they’re used — it’s the way they age and show wear. However, synthetic oils break down far less than conventional oil, which means that it lasts longer too. Not only that, but since the oil doesn’t break down as fast, your engine will be protected for a longer period of time. So even though you pay a little more, it’s worth the extra cash.

 – It performs, on average, 47% better than conventional oils. AAA did a study on the different oil types and found that, overall, synthetic oils generally performed nearly 50% better than other oils in a variety of tests.

 – It doesn’t produce as much sludge. As we mentioned, oils break down. In that breakdown process, the oil often leaves deposits on the engine where it makes contact. When conventional oil breaks down, it’s much more likely to stick to the engine than synthetic oils. That being said, if you run your vehicle hard, or for long periods of time, synthetic oil is especially beneficial in keeping sludge off of your engine.

 – It lubricates better than conventional oil. The goal of oil is to keep the parts of your vehicle’s engine slick, so that they can work properly in all conditions. However, the engine is hot, which makes it especially important to use an oil that can handle the task of lubrication even at high temperatures. You guessed it — synthetic oil is better at handling high temperatures, which makes it better at lubricating your engine’s parts.

Do You Need a Synthetic Oil Change?

If you’re currently using conventional oil, and looking to change to a higher quality option, synthetic oil is the answer.

Acura of Fayetteville can do an oil change on your car quickly and efficiently, and help keep your car in the best running condition possible.

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