Your Guide to February in Fayetteville

February 16th, 2018 by


We still have a few weeks left of winter to get through, but luckily, in Fayetteville, you’ll never be bored. This city has tons of exciting options for February activities, and the team over here at Acura of Fayetteville has put together a few of our favorites. Tired of Netflix and hot chocolate? Then check out our suggestions.

Heartwood Gallery

If you love art, interesting handicrafts, and all things unconventional, why don’t you head down to the Heartwood Gallery? Located right in Fayetteville, the gallery is really an artist cooperative. With over 25 local artists contributing their work to the gallery, you can admire art in different mediums–from canvas to mosaic and more. Admire the fascinating and unusual pieces, and even see if there are any you’d like to have on your walls. Interested? Find out more here.

Heartwood Gallery

Ozark Bowling Lanes

Do you remember bowling as a kid? Slipping up to the front of the lane in your shoes, hauling back, and letting go? If you ever wanted to get that feeling back, the Ozark Bowling Lanes is your chance. Turns out, bowling is still pretty fun no matter what age you are. Come on down, grab a pair of shoes, and take turns bowling and playing arcade games with your friends. Interested? Learn more here.

Lake Fayetteville Trail

It may not be exactly warm, but if you’re up for a brisk walk around a lake, then you should hop in your car and head over to the Lake Fayetteville trail. Located near Springdale, this charming trail is around six miles long, surrounded by trees, and even includes a waterfall. If you enjoy biking, the trail is well suited for that; if you just want to wander a little, that’s okay, too. There are picnic tables and places to stop if you’d like to bring a snack. One thing is for sure: with scenery as lovely as this, it’s hard to go wrong. Details are here.

Lake Fayetteville Trail

While spring may be a few more weeks away, this February is sure to be a blast. Hop in your car and check out some of Acura of Fayetteville’s best suggestions for an incredible winter.

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